You are considering buying a home and you may find yourself wondering how to pick the right agent and where to begin. I could give you the standard checklist, but you’ve likely already Googled that. I could tell you I have been a realtor for decades (a top REALTOR in the tri-state area for years), but that is not what you really want to hear. Talk is cheap, and homes are not! Buyers depend on my knowledge and expertise to make the purchase experience simple and fun! Which is how it should be. 

I do believe that when the home is the right home for you, the process is simple. My job is to walk you through that process, to listen to your home want list, help you find ‘the one’, and close the deal. Right now, in 2022 with a housing inventory shortage, prices are escalating quickly, and with interest rates on the rise you will need someone who is creative and dedicated to finding the right home for you. 

When I can creativity solve a challenge, my heart sings. My knowledge of construction, successful time in the real estate industry, and ability to listen to your needs gives me the ability to bring it all together with offers that will put you in a great position to buy the home you desire.